The Hearts Shelter Final

Stand Alone RomanceFinding YouBoth of them want a relationship—but is beginning it a big mistake?

About the Book

On the outside, twenty-seven-year-old Darcy Larsen is a pretty, put-together professional—but inside she’s falling apart. Eighteen months ago, she lost her fiancé in an accident she still blames herself for. After a successful transplant, her kidney disease seems to be in check, but she worries that her future children—if she has any—will also suffer from the same condition. And she’s overcome with indecision about finding her birth mother, discovering potentially devasting information, and hurting her adoptive parents.

Mechanic Carter Donovan seems to have everything going for him at first glance. Stunning good looks. A wicked sense of humor. And a heart of gold. But Carter’s seemingly perfect exterior hides a host of secrets. After a rough breakup and mounting medical bills from a medical emergency that left him drowning in debt, he doesn’t feel like the catch everyone says he is. Plus, he’s about to turn thirty—with no romantic prospects on the horizon.

When Darcy’s Lexus breaks down in her doctor’s parking lot, Carter appears on the scene to try to jump start her car—and her heart. But despite their immediate connection right from the start, the two have perhaps too many obstacles to overcome. Carter questions if getting involved with Darcy will be his next big mistake. And Darcy wonders if she can ever move past her grief and guilt to embrace the gift of Happily Ever After that’s dangling in front of her.

The Making of Finding You

This book is the most personal and precious book I've written since my memoir, A Gift of Love. The main characters, Darcy and Carter, are kidney transplant recipients, and I donated a kidney for my husband, Joe, so that he could receive a second transplant in 2011. When my editor suggested a storyline with a kidney transplant, I was nervous to write about something that was so personal to me; but once I started creating Darcy and Carter, it seemed I couldn’t type fast enough. The characters came to life in my mind, and soon they were telling me the story. In fact, I had a difficult time moving on from this novel after finishing it. I still carry Darcy and Carter around with me since I poured a lot of Joe’s experiences and my emotions into the book. I hope their story touches my readers' hearts. I dedicated this book to Joe, who is my hero and my inspiration every day.


The Hearts Shelter Final Review
The Hearts Shelter Final Review

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