Miles from Nowhere

Miles from Nowhere

Book Description

In the third book in the Roadside Assistance trilogy, Chelsea Morris has always been responsible, and focused on her dreams of fashion design-a dream that will officially begin come fall, when she leaves for college in New York City. And as she settles into her role as the lead designer for the local theater group, she decides to make the most of her last summer in North Carolina. But with her best friend Emily working late and spending time with Zander, and tensions with Chelsea's boyfriend, Todd, running high, the summer she envisioned seems to be falling flat.

Then Dylan joins the latest summer production. There's something about the college boy that makes her feel free and alive, and soon she's broken up with Todd, and is sneaking out late to meet Dylan at parties and breaking rules at the playhouse. Before she knows it, her exciting nights are interfering with her job, her role on the play, as well as her relationship with Emily and with her parents. Worse, Chelsea finds herself feeling more and more estranged from God.

The Making of Miles from Nowhere

Miles from Nowhere is a special book for me because it gave me the opportunity to tie up some loose ends in the Roadside Assistance world. I enjoyed writing a story about Chelsea, who is Emily's best friend and has a large part in the first book. This story is dedicated to my cousin Jeanne who is like the sister I never had. Bestseller

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