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Since you haven't read one of my books I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to two couples. First is Brent and Christine, two characters in my novel, Something Old, Something New.

Christine Sawyer fulfilled her dream of opening an antique store, Treasure Hunting Antique Mall, and enjoys her life despite feeling lonely. On the other hand, Brent Nicholson's life is in shambles after his football injury and losing his construction business due to his best friend's betrayal. When Brent's great aunt Midge asks for his help to ready her home for sale, he finds unexpected treasures that lead to a partnership with Christine. Brent, who was once blind to Christine's existence, wonders if he can win the heart of his former high school's “nerdy twin.”

Next is Crystal and Duane, two characters in my novel, Foundation of Love.

Crystal Glick and Duane Bontrager are two individuals dealing with loss who are attracted to each other despite a significant age difference. Crystal is living with her brother's family after the death of her father and a broken engagement, while Duane is mourning the loss of his wife and struggling to adjust to life without her. Their respective families and the local bishop disapprove of their relationship, believing Duane should pursue the widow Tricia and Crystal should reunite with her ex-fiancé. The novel follows their journey as they try to navigate these obstacles and pursue their feelings for each other. 


Since you haven't read one of my books yet, I put together a special package just for you. It includes an autographed copy of both Something Old, Something New AND Foundation of Love, a welcome note from me, bookmarks, and a bonus short story download featuring some of Christine's Journal entries from key moments in her life plus a story download featuring the characters in Foundation of Love.

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